Putting the Spring Back in Your Step

The Gransprung flooring system is a development of the unique Granwood floor. The result of intensive development, Gransprung is an area elastic, sprung sports floor that is certified as impact energy absorbing under BS7044 (part 4) and is classified as A1 Heavy Duty under the Sports Council specification for Artificial Sports Surfaces.

The Gransprung flooring system offers you all the advantages of a sprung wooden floor, with none of the usual disadvantages or high maintenance costs.

Created by applying the multipurpose, multi-sport Granwood flooring blocks to a resilient undercarriage, the Gransprung floor performs beautifully. The construction means that Gransprung is perfect for every type of sport, from roller hockey to volleyball and basketball, no matter how energetic, while being able to withstand the rigors of regular multi-purpose use.

Gransprung floors are particularly suitable for dedicated sports complexes where floor performance is of the highest importance.

Approved for the sports at the highest level, Gransprung floors offer excellent traditional characteristics. Their energy absorbing features help athletes perform to their best.

All of these features are supported by Granwood's excellent properties, ensuring long and trouble free life.

Sports hall floors have to withstand heavy, often abrasive traffic and, where commercial necessity demands, are prone to abuse as often as normal use.

Granwood flooring systems take all this in their stride and are easily and simply cleaned. The hard wearing polyurethane seal means that day-to-day cleaning easily accomplished with an impregnated dry mop. For heavy soiling our flooring systems can be wet scrubbed and washed to return them to their original state.

Granwood offers a free after-care advice service and a full range of cleaning products for all its floors. The service is supported by a team of flooring consultants trained in the best maintenance practice.

The Granwood flooring systems allow games court markings to be provided by surface painting as part of the sealing operation or by installing permanent, maintenance free inlaid Granline markings as the floor is installed.