A Floor for Any Situation

Most specialist floors have their limitations. Stiletto heels or heavy boots can ruin wood. Cigarette ends or acids can melt vinyl or linoleum. Oil will soak into and stain concrete or stone. And carpet is practical on only the tidiest of locations.

High traffic volumes and constant use mean ever increasing maintenance costs and more frequent replacement. All in all you would be forgiven for thinking that many specially designed floors appear to have more built-in obsolescence that practical features - until you discover Granwood that is.

Granwood and Gransprung flooring systems really do suit every location - from prestigious arenas to the smallest village hall - by design.

The Granwood philosophy dictates that floors should be able to withstand the unexpected as well as the everyday. A sports hall must be versatile enough to be used as an exhibition hall at the weekend. Community centres and village halls should provide for all activities. Offices and factories should be attractive and welcoming as well as practical environments and laboratories should not need a new floor every ten years.

Pour water on a Granwood floor and the block won't rot, twist, buckle or lift. Put a match to it and it will not burn. Best of all, in the unlikely event that you should damage a Granwood floor, then the remedy is easy. Our specialists aftersales team can advise you how to simply and quickly repair the damage area, leaving the floor good as new - visually and in terms of its integrity and surface quality.

Aesthetically pleasing with the look and warmth of wood, Granwood floors can be laid in simple colourful patterns or can accommodate the most complex of designs. Ten attractive colours can be combined to provide a floor that looks as good as it performs.

Company logos, colour schemes to reflect corporate images and all sorts of other themes can be easily created. And as a professional sporting surface Granwood flooring systems can be laid with any combination of permanent inlaid or painted games lines.Design and specification of Granwood flooring systems is easy too. Full technical details and comprehensive sample packs are available free of charge and our technical sales team is happy to advise on any application. Details of the wide range of specification support services that Granwood offers can be supplied on request.