Download Literature and Technical Information

Granwood Flooring: Brochure packed with information on the properties and uses of Granwood Flooring (2.2Mb)
Granwood Acoustic: Features and benefits together with Cross Sectional Detail and Technical Information (595Kb)
Traditional Granwood Flooring: Technical Information (431Kb)
Traditional Granwood Flooring: Joints in the Floor, Cross Sectional Details and Alternatives at the perimeter of the Floor (412Kb)
Gransprung Area Elastic Flooring: Technical Information (401Kb)
Gransprung Area Elastic Flooring: Sectional Details, Cross Section, External Fire Exit Doors, Junction with Alternative Floor Finishes, Mobile Seating Storage Area, Alternative Diminishing Strips for Doorways on Refurbishment projects and Sports Equipment Anchor Sockets (526Kb)
Gransprung Hi-Load Flooring: Technical Information (402Kb)
Gransprung and Traditional Granwood: Access Covers (403Kb)
Gransprung Flooring: Performance Specification (348Kb)