After Sales and After Care

As you would expect from a company that guarantees the quality and performance of its floors, Granwood offers a comprehensive after sales service and advice package to all its customers - throughout the life of the floor!

We are particularly proud of our product and aim to help you to ensure that it provides you with long and trouble free service.

With the correct maintenance, there is no reason why your Granwood or Gransprung floor should not last well over 40 years, as many examples of Granwood floors already have.

Be sure the visit the Granwood Refurbishment Website.

Shortly after your floor has been installed one of our after-sales team will call to give a demonstration on cleaning and maintenance. They will be able to provide you will useful hints and tips as well as a formal maintenance schedule to enable you to get the most from your floor - now and in the future.

Normally, only the simplest of maintenance will be required.

Dusty floors should be swept or dry mopped as soon as possible, while dirty floors can be scrubbed or washed using Granwood's own detergents or other suitable proprietary products. Floors that are used for sports activities should not be polished, but floors in other areas can be regularly polished if desired.

The Granwood after-sales and service team is ready and willing to help all Granwood customers at any time. We can offer trouble shooting advice, specialist cleaning and refurbishment when required, supplies of recommended polishes, detergents and cleaning agents and, should the need ever arise, can quickly arrange for repairs to damaged floors.

You can download important information on the Care and Maintenance of Granwood products by following the links below.

Granwood: Recommended routine care (348Kb)
Granwood & Gransprung: Recommended Routine Care of Granwood & Gransprung Floors in Locations Used for Sport (351Kb)