Remarkably Durable, Beautifully Versatile

Decorative corridor floor by Granwood

Granwood Flooring Limited is a family owned British company who manufacture the unique Granwood Composition Wood Blocks in their North Derbyshire factory. From here, Granwood Blocks are regularly shipped to destinations around the world.

Within the UK and Ireland, Granwood offer our customers a single source responsibility for both materials used and installation workmanship as only our directly employed, fully trained British tradesmen install our Traditional Granwood and Gransprung flooring systems. Elsewhere in the world, fully trained and supported agents offer a supply and fit service for our flooring systems.

Granwood was invented in the early 1900's and has been developing ever since. More than five million square metres of British made Granwood flooring blocks have been laid in over fifty different countries throughout the world and today around 70% of the UK's indoor sport is played on a Granwood surface each week. Floors which were installed over 50 years ago are still in use today!

Granwood Blocks are environmentally sound, resistant to water, fire, wet and dry rot, extremes of temperature and humidity, termites, most chemicals and are guaranteed not to warp, twist, buckle or splinter.

Traditional Granwood floors are truly incredible. Granwood Blocks are fixed directly to a concrete subfloor with either a sand and cement mortar bed or an adhesive. Traditional Granwood floors are being successfully used in locations as diverse as prestigious exhibition halls and local village halls as you read this. Factories, schools, offices, laboratories, churches, community centres, sports centres... The list of locations where Traditional Granwood floors have been successfully used is endless! Our Traditional Granwood floors have even survived major floods and fires, with the building being repaired or rebuilt around the original floor.

Granwood Blocks are available in a range of 10 attractive colours so a little imagination can produce a very decorative and individual floor. Or a contrasting colour can be introduced into the floor at little or no cost to delineate a section of the floor without introducing the extra joints which are often a weak point with other types of floor. The colour in a Granwood Block is evenly distributed through the block and not just applied to the surface.

Basketball on Granwood

The Gransprung flooring systems were developed over 20 years ago and have received widespread approval since their launch. Combining the proven multi-sport, multipurpose Granwood Block surface with a fully sprung undercarriage has produced an all round sports floor that caters for the widest range of sporting and general activity. The Gransprung flooring systems have undergone extensive testing and have successfully achieved full compliance the European wide CEN standard for multi-sport indoor sports floors, which was published in 2006 as British Standard BS EN 14904:2006, making them ideal for both recreational sport and sport played at the highest level as well as specialist activities such as gymnastics and aerobics. Gransprung floors also have a 'Reaction to Fire Classification' of BFL-s1 when classified in accordance with EN 13501-1:2002

The Gransprung flooring systems offer you all the advantages of a sprung timber floor without the usual disadvantages, high maintenance costs or fire risk. The Granwood Block's ability to withstand water allows 'wet' cleaning methods to be utilised meaning that Gransprung floors are quick, easy and so economic to clean and degrease thus ensuring our floors should always maintain the tractional qualities so important for sporting use. These 'wet' cleaning methods also allow our floors to be refinished at a fraction of the cost associated with other types of flooring which need machine sanding, grinding or completely resurfacing.

Granwood Flooring Limited is committed to minimising our carbon footprint and so, whenever possible, we source local British made products and suppliers. All the components of our Granwood Blocks are naturally occurring with the two major components being recycled waste softwood sawdust and linseed oil from the grown flax crop. The proven long life of our floors also dramatically reduces their environmental impact.

"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort."

John Ruskin